The Worst Game Ever
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A Never Ending Cash Grab

This game is absolute trash.

Everything you hate about free to play mobile games all wrapped up in one, unplayable mess.

This pointless and annoying “game” will waste your precious time and you’ll never get it back. Then it will try to get you to spend money on meaningless digital nonsense.

You will gain absolutely nothing from this cash grab digital diarrhea. You will learn nothing. You might even be more lost emotionally and spiritually after playing.



- Watch ads

- Buy in app purchases

- Unlock disappointing new items

- Encouraging Voiceover tells you you're doing a "great job!"

- Question your entire existence as you tap on a screen like a zombie.

Don't download now and experience the nightmare for yourself!

If you do hate yourself enough to actually download and play this garbage then do us a favor and leave a ZERO star review.

That just might help save someone else from making the same mistake.

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