Super Cockfighter
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GET IN THE FIGHT! Super Cockfighter. A brand new Arena Battle game with a never-before-seen mix of strategy and action.

Featuring the all new "Fight Programming" game mechanic. It's easy and fun to program a custom fight sequence, install the program into your bird then watch it execute the moves in real time against millions of players all over the globe.

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  • Build a bird then watch him fight to the death against millions of players worldwide
  • Invite-a-Fight™ system lets you challenge and wager against friends
  • Earn Sponsorship income to customize and train your birds
  • Revolutionary NEW global tournament system
  • Real custom 3d physics fight engine
  • Wager on championship fights
  • Choose from various bets including fight lengths, K.O.s and more
  • Highly unpredictable and exciting fight action. Fights are never the same twice!

Build a bird and get in the fight today!

Download now for free
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