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Unleash your inner D-Bag!

Have you ever wanted to take HUGE risks with OTHER people’s money? Ever wanted to blow HUGE amounts of cash on frivolous CRAP you don't need? Now you can!

Play as Goldie Saxon, professional stockbroker. The year is 1987, the place is New York City. The goal? Make as much cash as you can by churning and burning your client’s accounts into oblivion!

COMI$H is one of the first games EVER that lets you play to win REAL Amazon gift card prizes! There’s always a new “Invest-A-Contest” to enter and win each week. Trade your account slowly and methodically, or take INSANE RISKS and swing for the fences. At the end of each tourny, whoever has the highest stock portfolio wins!

COMISH is short for COMMISSIONS! That’s the name of the game, make as much commissions as you can to become the biggest, baddest broker on Wall Street!


  • You are in total control of your client's money, have fun!
  • You decide what stocks to buy and how much to invest
  • Win REAL gift cards in the weekly “Invest-A-Contest” (iOS)
  • Totally FREE TO PLAY & WIN!!
  • Unlock new clients with lots of cash for you to invest
  • Spend HUGE amounts of money on luxury items you don’t need!
  • Trade stocks from fictitious companies such as “Geronimo Airlines” and “NicoTEENS”
  • Communicate with your clients using cutting-edge technology like ELECTRONIC MAIL (“E-Mail” for short)
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